in the land of sunshine….

This year for spring break we were able to pack our bags and head south to the sunshine to visit the grandparents. The kids just love the idea that they only need to take a few steps out the back door and they hit water! (Especially, C! Every time I turned around he was in his suit and underwater!) The problem for me to go to the beach, isn’t your usual issues (sunburns, swimsuits, sand everywhere). I just can’t seem to get enough of my kids playing in the ocean. I LOVE to capture their little feet (well, not so little anymore) in the waves and sand in that beautiful light. There is just something so  magical to me of sitting off to the side and just watching them roam. Every year I come back home with another favorite “foot” picture. My husband thinks I might have just a little bit of an obsession. 😉 *sigh* Until next year……


little ones