Silliness & Happiness

I was very excited to hear from Adrienne again. I had the joy of photographing her first when he was just 3 years old and now I had the opportunity to meet their second son and join in the fun with both of them. Adrienne wasn’t kidding when she said they are the “silliness & happiness” of the family! We had so much fun during the family session. We played, we ran, we jumped, we danced, we giggled and even chased bubbles!!! These two buddies were an absolute blast to spend the afternoon with. I can’t wait until next time!Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Family_Portraits_0013Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Family_Portraits_0007Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Family_Portraits_0012Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Family_Portraits_0002Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Family_Portraits_0009Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Family_Portraits_0010Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Family_Portraits_0011Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Family_Portraits_0003

Eva | Class of 2018

It is not very often that I have my own private concert from an amazing cello player. Ok, I have never had my own private concert that is until my session with Eva. Wow!! To watch her play and get lost in her music just brought a whole new level to her senior session. We had a gorgeous day down at Wade Oval in University Circle and to listen to her play while I photographed just made her session that more exceptional. She is a lady with many talents. Not only is she an accomplished cello player but also a competitive sailor. Unfortunately, we were unable to go out on her sailboat, however, one of my favorite images of her is with her lifejacket. Eva, I wish you the best this year in school and all that is awaiting you!Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Senior_Portraits_0025Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Senior_Portraits_0031Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Senior_Portraits_0027Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Senior_Portraits_0026Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Senior_Portraits_0029Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Senior_Portraits_0028Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Senior_Portraits_0030Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Senior_Portraits_0032Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Senior_Portraits_0033

Sarah | Class of 2018

When we first spoke, Sarah said she LOVES the outdoors and was all for her senior portraits to be taken in the middle of the woods. Well, we didn’t quite go that far into the trees but we definitely explored one of her favorite places Squaw Rock in the Cleveland Metroparks. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day and the light was just perfect. She was an absolute joy to work with and her energy and sweetness came through in her smile!Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Senior_Portraits_0022Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Senior_Portraits_0023Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Senior_Portraits_0020Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Senior_Portraits_0016Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Senior_Portraits_0017Cleveland_Chagrin_Falls_Senior_Portraits_0015

Judy - October 24, 2017 - 8:48 pm

Megan, she is beautiful and your photos are just as beautiful

Sarah - October 25, 2017 - 1:23 am

Thank you so much! I had an amazing time and am so happy with how they turned out!

Will | Class of 2018

As much as I love photographing all the beautiful ladies for their senior portraits, I LOVE  the opportunity to mix things up and photograph the handsome gentlemen, too. I enjoyed my session with Will. He made me laugh the entire time and was a good sport, up for anything! Will even appeased his mom and wore something a little snazzier than his normal t-shirts and jeans. I thought he looked sharp!! Oh, and of course the hat was a must! He doesn’t go anywhere without it!
Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0036Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0037Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0045Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0038Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0042Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0040Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0044Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0043Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0041Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0039

Audrey | Class of 2018

Once in awhile, I encounter the sweetest personality and a gentle soul. Audrey’s sweet personality brings out the gentle soul of her horse, Webster. It was a perfect evening to meet Webster and witness the two of them together. Audrey has been riding most of her life and Webster was definitely not going to stand on the sidelines for her session.
Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0027Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0026
Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0028Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0029Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0030Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0031Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0032Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0035Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0033Chagrin Falls Senior Portraits_0034